Emblazoned afar the intended,
The bereft traveler clambering wavers in a clouds of ash
At each befuddled endeavor, The gap widening considerably,
And face to face with inscrutable polars where the content have long clipped wings and shedded feathers

Die for a phoenix to bring in a new era,
Nothing lives forever,
Even a wise man hopes to return


Balance On A Fading Marble

We keep at lengths to avoid it

Shifting our weight on passing

A glare, a nudge, and it all may topple

Walking down the street is like kicking for the womb and 

The myriad teeter in opposition

Shifting their weight in opposition

Taking dosage where acercity comes with a pointed finger

The simple and the lavish

The helpful and the ignorant,
All come phased out then forgotten
The looked at and the looked through
The unwanted and the accepted
The level headed and the arrogant,
Exchanging emotive leers
And at a first sign of turbulence,
Toppling backward in dismay,
Where acerbity comes with a pointed finger to say he, she,
For having and not having,
While the medial gather information and swallow unfiltered wads of truth in pill form,
Making any unifiable persons as intolerable,
Since shifts in acumen are dictated as threats to barter with,
Tossing hand-outs to the dependents and stomping any sensible will for direction



It’s unnerving,
The lifetime it takes before i can see you again,
But when you are there, as i had hoped you’d be,
It’s like christmas
Following me week to week this euphoria,
But your alive and i’m dead your eyes go through me and i sink into the ground                How, how do i show that i am only inches from the surface?

I see you there, living, smiling, breathing where the air is pure, and i want to be there, breathing the same air
A motion so rhythmic and divine even god could not deny us!

…I’m getting ahead of myself
And those words, these words, are proof that the moments i’ve come to cherish will only ever exist in my head



In every breath a silent prayer
In every step a haunting echo
In every thought a vacant player
In every moment a lifetime lingers
For in every decision an ignorant plea
In every certainty a doubtful whimper
In every fight a fading optimism
In every action a delayed reaction

At every glimpse the sight transmutates
At every turn the curve continues
At every end the beginning precedes
At every angle the options narrow
And at every obstacle the myriad obstructs
At every attempt the impossible lurks
At every escape the route recedes
At every hesitation the outcome more bleak

To every joke is given a fool
To every puzzle is given mystery
To every question is given wonder
To every answer is given more questions
But to every hand is given direction
To every heart is given joy
To every soul is given immortality
To every mind is given rebirth

Though with every word another falls short
With every lie another follows
With every excuse another takes its place
With every regret another loses forgiveness
So with every reflection another should expand
And with every hope another could latch on
And with every fantasy another would smile to greet you with every dream that hides to blind and bleed you